Güngör Otomobil A.Ş. established in 1974 and located in Gebze Organized
Industrial Zone (GOSB) at Kocaeli, in TURKEY at its modern plant. We became
one of the most challenging company with 42 years of experience in its field.
We began our activity in 1974 and during its improvement, a new plant in Bursa
in 1993 has been involved, for producing door/hood hinges for local and
global OEM’s.
Since 1974, GUNGOR OTOMOBIL YAN SAN. A.S, has concentrated its main
activity on the pressed sheet metal parts and hinges, standing on 9.000 m²
closed and 10.250 m² total area.
The Company has various types of 40 mechanical and hydraulic presses with tonnage ratings
ranging from 60 tons 1200 tons. In its die shop the Company has 5 CNC machining centers together
with conventional machines required for die production.
The Company is capable of design and manufacture of medium to heavy press dies for automotive
industry. The main customers in Turkey, are Ford-Otosan in Kocaeli,  Fiat-Tofas in Bursa, and Autoliv in
Gebze. Other then that the Company deliver parts to various customers in Turkey and abroad such
as Daimler AG, Wilhelm Karmann GmbH and Ixetic in Germany and Ford Motor Company in
Southampton. As a result, we have accredited Quality Assurance Systems of ISO TS16949:2002 and
ISO14001:2004 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance till 03/10/2010 and Q1 certificate which is given
to Ford-Otosan qualified suppliers. Our solution is to optimize our talents and experience of sourcing,
inspecting, engineering and maintaining inventory, all to offer our Customer the benefits of global