GUNGOR OTOMOBIL YAN SAN. A.S. is aware of its role against the
environment and society and the quality principles are applied in all
activities that also adopted the principles of environmental protection,
Environmental Management System has implemented within the framework
established, certificated and obtained continuity has determined as the
basic policy of GUNGOR.
In this direction, as employees and subcontractors of GUNGOR OTOMOBIL
YAN SAN. A.S., we targeted;


- to reduce the use of natural resources, energy and material savings, as it is possible by
technical, business and economic conditions,
-  to promote the use of recyclable materials, by improving environmental performance,
-  to achieve environmental objectives; continuously improvement is necessary,
- to eliminate legally, air, water and soil pollution that could result in the formation of waste
reduction as a result of each activity,
-  to conform all laws and regulations related to environment  and customer requirements,
-  to share our knowledge and experience,
- and within our authority and responsibility, acting to protect environment and continuous
improving through education is required.